Being in a healthy, committed relationship is one of the 
most meaningful experiences that anyone can ever have! 
An important aspect of a happy, satisfying life is finding someone special to share it with.
Many people search for "the right person" online and are sometimes fortunate enough to meet someone wonderful via social networking sites, at social events or by introduction through family or friends. When this happens, it feels just amazing and often magical... 

Little can compare to being with someone special
and feeling appreciated, acknowledged 
and understood easily and without effort. 

When you find someone this special and are having such 
a wonderful time together, when it seems this easy, this natural, you want it to last forever...!

But when things begin to change, 
when the reality of life's challenges begin 
to break through your magical bubble, 
you can find yourself wondering 
"What happened and why am I feeling 
so stressed and frustrated?"

At a time like this, many people are tempted to just run away as fast as they can. They dislike what they are 
feeling and just can't tolerate being with this special 
person that they had adored, feeling such disappointment...

People in good relationships frequently
get disconnected due to miscommunication.

Often With A Commitment To Get To
The Heart Of The Matter,
Such Difficulties Can Be Resolved!
Are you are wondering 
"Is there is a way for me to 
Reconnect In Love?" 

This is where I come in! 
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Joan Stenzler, LCSW